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Alcohol Guidelines

Alcohol is permitted at some H.O.G.® events. The following guidelines and tips can aid in answering questions and preventing problems concerning alcohol consumption.

H.O.G. Chapter Alcohol Guidelines:

Safe and responsible motorcycling activity is a major H.O.G. goal. In this regard:

  • The consumption and use of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety and welfare of family, riding friends and the individual H.O.G. member.
  • Alcohol consumption before or during motorcycling activity is not safe responsible behavior.
  • National H.O.G. has no direct operational control over chapter operations. Consumption of alcohol after riding activity or at non-riding events is a matter to be decided by the sponsoring dealership and H.O.G. Chapter leadership. All such decisions are subject to final review and approval by the sponsoring dealership.
  • If the sponsoring dealer and chapter decide that alcohol may be consumed at a chapter activity. Then the recommended approach is either to "Bring Your Own" or to "Buy Your Own" from a vendor licensed and insured to sell alcohol.


Who's Responsible for Whom?

Chapter events - methods to reduce prevent and deal with alcohol-related issues:

  1. First, consider an ounce of prevention; don’t make bars a stopping place for meetings or rides. Harley® dealerships, parks or restaurants are all good options. Always make sure an alternative to beer or booze is available whenever you stop - there are some pretty good non-alcoholic beers out there today.
  2. Second, discuss the issue with your sponsoring dealer, chapter officers and members before problems occur, at a monthly meeting or prior to the ride. Emphasize that each one of us is responsible for our own behavior, and we also have a responsibility to those with whom we ride. If you think through what you would do if ever confronted with a member who isn’t fit to ride, you’ll have a better chance of achieving a positive outcome.
  3. Third, as a chapter officer, set an example. At the Primary Officer Training, a chapter director revealed his tactic: If they have a member who has partied too hard, several chapter officers approach the individual, calmly point out the danger the person is posing both to him or herself and to other chapter members, ask for the keys, and arrange for alternative transportation by taxi or private vehicle. They’ve reported that this technique works well. Beyond this, there’s not much you can – or should - do. As H.O.G.® members and riders, we tend to want to “take care of our own" without involving outside authorities. However, if there’s ever a time when, using your best judgment, you feel somone's life could be in danger if they throw a leg over the bike and try to ride, calling the police may be your only alternative.
H.O.G. is about getting together to ride and have fun, so play it smart!

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