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Group Parking

Parking in an orderly method substantially reduces the time for all to get off the road and out of traffic. There is risk of injury for the last bikes that may be blocking the road in an attempt to stay with the group.

A good way to park, if there is room, is for each bike to pull ahead of the intended parking place and then back up into your spot. You can see how this is done on the image to the right. This can be done very fast because you don't have to wait for the bike ahead of you to finish the job.

If you find yourself at the end of the group and can't get off the road while waiting for others to park, GO AROUND. Come back a minute or two later when things have settled down and take your time.

And don't forget your pipes! Everything is fine when you back up to the curb, until you lean your bike over on the kick stand and you bend and scratch your left pipe on the curb.

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