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Formation Riding

Staggered Riding

The minimum recommended spacing to the bike directly in front of you should not be less than two seconds (the two second rule). The bike in the lane to your left or right should not be less than one second ahead of you.

The two second rule is a rule of thumb should try to adhere to this rule when possible, especially at highway speeds. There are times, however when it is best to squeeze together while in city streets & while slowing for a stop. This will help prevent cars from entering the group.

The last bike should ride in the middle of the two bike lanes with all head lights and running lights on. This will help the lead bike see the last bike.

Keep in mind:
  • The lead motorcycle should be in the left 1/3 of lane, the second motorcycle should be in the right 1/3 of the lane, one second behind the first rider, and so on
  • Leave enough room between each motorcycle so that any rider can maneuver to the right or left without hitting anyone else
  • Always stay in line with the bike in front of you. Do not switch between the left and right side of the lane

Single File Riding

All motorcycles ride in a single line, two seconds behind one another, in either the right or left third of the lane (see above for explanation of the two-second rule). The lead rider determines on which side of the lane the group will ride.

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